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Rick Mattson: Songwriter, Justice Defender

Masked Man

Rick A. Mattson ( RAM ) is a Tampa, Florida attorney specializing in Contemporary Country Music songwriting. His songs have been reviewed by the major Nashville labels and a LA-based record producer. His dynamic collection spans the last 10 years of his songwriting career.

Rick's early influences of the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and the Eagles paved the way for this upbeat, modern sound of today's top Country Artists. Make sure you let him know which tunes are your favorites by emailing Rick at rick@ram-gold.com.

When unmasked in his every day life, Rick cleverly assumes the role of a highly successful trial lawyer who is prepared to assist you with your legal needs. Specializing in serious accident-injury cases, including medical malpractice and product liability, Rick's firm Mattson & Associates, PA, is ready to represent your interests on a percentage-of-recovery basis.

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Call his office at (813) 920-4473 or e-mail your concerns to rickmattson@tampabay.rr.com.



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