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Another Rick Fan says

Lady Fan

"This music ROCK'S!"

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Here are some of the people that love
Rick's Country Sound:
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Morgan Stone

Morgan Stone is currently headlining at Tampa Florida's Hard Rock Café. Morgan is a rising Artist, who has performed professionally at Walt Disney World. For more info, check her out at
Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Mandrell is one artist not requiring any introduction. For more info on Barbara, visit her website at
Robin Zander

Robin Zander is best known as the lead singer/songwriter for Cheap Trick. He's a true fan of Rick's music. Follow Cheap Trick's tour schedule and their new CD released at
Sarah Cardenas

Sarah Cardenas (formerly Renee), co-wrote a song with Rick that she recorded in Nashville. Sarah performed with Reba in concert last year and is a rising Country Artist. For more info, visit:
Shane Wilder

Shane Wilder, Hollywood Western Actor immortalized on the "Cowboy Walk of Fame".
Shane Wilder

In addition to being Program Director of Trans-american Broadcasting Corp, Shane Wilder has a publishing company named Shane Wilder Music. He & BMI have had some top writers from Nashville (Shane's hometown). He specializes in female country material. Several Canadian artists are now recording his material.
Jeanette Secor

Jeanette Secor is a successful attorney and equestrian enthusiast who states "Rick's music makes me want to DANCE!"
Jeanette Secor

Jeanette Secor and one of her favorite dance partners!
Sonia Cook

Sonia Cook is a world-class court reporter available for hire. Sonia's business is called "GulfCoast Reporting, Inc", (727) 781-8977, E-mail sonia at Sonia's
Mailing address is P.O. Box 15022, Clearwater, Fl. 33766