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Another Rick Fan:

Morgan Stone

Morgan Stone,
Headliner at Tampa
Florida's Hard Rock Café

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Morrisound Recording of Tampa, Florida

Morrisound Recording

Fender, the vehicle of
Rick's sound


CMT, Rick's all-time
favorite site

Morgan Stone, Headliner at Tampa's Hard Rock Café


Professional Country Artist Barbara Mandrell


Cheap Trick, one of Rick's favorite retro and
returning bands


Sarah Cardenas, co-writer
of Rick's music

CD Baby

Where to buy Rick's Music NOW


Where to buy Rick's Music NOW



Brad Pitt
Britney Spears
Jessica Alba
Hillary Duff
Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
The Eagles
Paris Hilton
Angelina Jolie
Lindsay Lohan
The Rolling Stones
Tom Cruise
Carrie Underwood