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Another Rick Fan

Robin Zander of Cheap Trick

Robin Zander, Lead singer and songwriter
for Cheap Trick

Another Rick Fan says

Another Rick Fan

"It's not an old country sound. I like playing it before a horse show to get me pumped!"

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Attention all Record labels, Agents
and Music Promoters of all kinds:

Here are the projects that Ram-Gold Currently
has in production:

  • New songs in the creative process to be released in 3-6 months
  • RAM-GOLD Vol. III CD Release (as a result of the above creative process)
  • Music Video/DVD shoot contest for
    Country Girls Gone Wild song (*see details below)
  • Assembly of the Talented Video Team for Music Video/DVD shoot of this song

Immediate Promotion Opportunities:

Have a country hottie that needs exerience performing in video?

Ram-Gold is producing a music video/DVD to promote Rick's new song, Country Girls Gone Wild and is needing examples of the ideal Country Girl(s) Gone Wild.

Let her know that she has creative license to come up with dance moves or her own portrayal of a Country Girl Gone Wild. Encourage her creativity!

If you happen to have actresses in mind*, don't hesitate to Contact Rick to get the gears moving to gain her experience and the exposure she deserves...

*This video opportunity is only being offered to novice
Country Girls Gone Wild and no compensation will be provided.

Ram-Gold is Assembling a Talented Team* to Consist of:

  • Music Video Director

  • Videographer

  • Video Editing/Mixing Genius

  • Contact Rick for more info.

*This video opportunity is only being offered to novice Music Video/DVD enthusiasts needing experience for their portfolio and no compensation will be provided. Full credit & promotion will be your reward, including your name in the credits of our video and on the inside or back of the DVD cover in appreciation for your efforts.


Rick is currently working on the songs for his next CD release, Ram-Gold Vol. III.

NOW is the time to get involved in the promotion and publication of this CD scheduled to be released in the next 3-6 months!

Need more information on Rick's music style? Visit our Demo page or Learn more About Rick's influences.


Looking to add something fresh to your playlist? Or maybe you seek local talent in the Tampa Bay area to headline...
Contact Rick!

Rick is available for a live radio interview to increase public interest in his music and add to your show content.

Rick's professional, yet fun demeanor will make an easy interview for any D.J!

Rick's many years of successful trial experience as an attorney ensures his grace under pressure, in addition to his ability to keep his audiences attention. An entertaining, riveting interview should be expected.

Contact Rick for more info.


Another Rick Fan

Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Mandrell
gives Rick
Best Wishes
on his music